Chris E. Gankon

Chris E. Gankon has served as a professor in the Universities in Kenya and Nigeria with a passion for educating the younger generation to understand the intersection between culture, religion, and public governance. He is currently in the USA pursuing a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies, with a particular focus on Public/ Political Missiology and Management/Leadership. Chris also uses social media to communicate with Nigerians in Nigeria and Diaspora about the principles of nation-building. Chris believes that a New and a Better Nigeria is only possible when every Nigerian in Nigeria and Diaspora rise to the responsibility of holding their government and public officials accountable.

Dr. Godwin Adejo

Dr. Godwin Adejo is a professor and researcher who has lectured in several universities in Nigeria and had stints working with international organizations. His students who came from diverse cultures across the entire country and background are well established in their chosen endeavors all over the country and around the world. As an author of many publications, businessman, and avid innovator, he easily sees and identify the massive potentials in his students, colleagues, and the large population of youths. He is committed to any cause that promotes the full expression of youthful talents, attainment of dreams of the young, upliftment of people, advancing hopes of the destitute, and establishing equity. Godwin is presently residing in the United Kingdom.

Tunji Olasunkanmi

Tunji Olasunkanmi is a Canada based Nigerian who is passionate about transformational leadership in every area of human endeavor. He has served in various capacities in a few countries around the world, doing training and helping men and women develop capabilities to live meaningful life. Tunji believes that personal leadership comes before organizational or group leadership and he’s presently completing a doctoral degree in an American university in the area of his passion—leadership. He’s a published author and his books are available on Amazon. Tunji is laboring with other likeminded individuals who are committed to the socioeconomic and political emancipation of Nigeria.

John Pofi

John Pofi Board Member of CNCT – Founder and CEO of the John Pofi Foundation Mobile Library Project in Nigeria. To see a peaceful, Loving and Caring Society that is Developed through sustainable wholistic developmental programmes That will enhance livelihood of the people. John Pofi Foundation aims at providing social services to the wider communities, we intend to move round the 6 Geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

Isaac NwaChukwu

Isaac NwaChukwu is a retired Principal Tax Auditor, Tax Compliance Officer and Certified Public Accountant, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, and a Master of Business Administration degree.  He is currently a Real Estate Broker Associate with a major real estate concern.  He is also an e-commerce Entrepreneur and a real estate investor.  His goal in life is to advance the cause of Jesus Christ in people’s lives through spiritual and economic empowerment.  He is married with three children, and currently lives in the United States of America.