It is going to take the collective effort of all Nigerians for a better and glorious Nigeria. Every Nigerian (whether Christian or Muslim or Atheist) should be educated on why Nigeria is in the current situation where she finds herself (for example, corruption, nepotism, religious bigotry, terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, etc. and insecurity are the order of the day). And what Nigerians need to do to get out of the predicament of the current mess, which is squarely lousy leadership and management.

To begin the conversation, let me start by analyzing how we got here. The foundation of our problems is traced to the colonial regime. The British colonial government used three pillars (ethnicity, religion, and regionalism) to establish the sociopolitical structure they ruled and governed Nigeria from 1914 to 1960. These three pillars were not meant to unite, or develop, or benefit the people of Nigeria but the British government. Hence, when Nigerians demanded independence, they handed leadership to Nigerians without dismantling those three pillars. The Nigerian founding fathers should have dismantled those three pillars and reconstructed ways of harmonizing Nigeria into one undivided solid entity. However, those three pillars remain the worst nightmares of the nation Nigeria. They are the beginning and foundation of all the sociopolitical woes that are confronting the country of Nigeria today and hindering peace, development, and progress.

Hence, it is not wrong to assume that the foundation upon which Nigeria stands is faulty. The two major problems that emerged from the British’s colonial legacy after Nigeria’s independence and threatening to consume Nigeria today are religion and ethnicity (Islamization and Fulanization). The region with significant danger and anarchy to the unity of the entire nation of Nigeria is northern Nigeria. The area is the one driving the Islamization and Fulanization agenda by her elites politically and religiously. Even though their elites have held political power longer than any other section of Nigeria, Northern Nigeria remains the significant burden of the rest of Nigeria because most of their teeming population are illiterate, poor, and fanatically religious. It is important to note that the Northern Nigeria Muslims leaders are not interested in educating and empowering their youths and people. The fact that a section of Nigeria pays allegiance to their religious beliefs rather than the constitution of Nigeria is a significant setback to the unity, peace, and development of Nigeria. The dual mandate of paying allegiance to both religious beliefs while seeking to obey the constitution has given birth to the myriads of socio-political problems bedeviling the country today.

The Nigerian State needs a constitution that every Nigerian must obey and adhere to irrespective of religion or beliefs. Denying Nigerians, a constitution that will unite the entire country is a disservice to Nigeria. The lack of a good constitution is an offshoot of the faulty pillars upon which the country got its independence. The current constitution is a FRAUD and RECIPE for conflict. The way the constitution was drafted under a military regime and handed over to a democratically elected government is revealing. The motives of the writers of the 1999 constitution are the architects of the sociopolitical confusion in Nigeria today. The writers wrote the constitution of Nigeria to favor a particular area of the country and made it difficult for politicians to change it politically without a fight. Therefore, I will not be wrong to assert that the military coups and interventions have only contributed to looting Nigeria’s treasury and worsened the nation’s problems. A new and better constitution that will unite the Nigerian people is crucial for Nigeria’s national cohesion and integration.

Nigerians can efficiently resolve other socio-political challenges confronting the country once the Islamization and Fulanization agenda is resolved and dissolved. Nigeria will never know peace if the few political elites and Islamic religious leaders continue to deceive their people that Islamizing Nigeria is the only way for prosperity. Nigerians in Nigeria and Diaspora must stop the Islamization and Fulanization plan by resisting every attempt to impose Fulani Hegemony over the entire country.

Western countries, which practice democracy, do so by the active participation of the people. Democracy is defined in a layman’s term as the people’s government, by the people, and for the people. The Nigerian democracy will never be effective until the people of Nigeria begin to drive the democratic process and the socio political agenda of Nigeria. Nigerians have roles to play in ending the sociopolitical problems plaguing the country by holding politicians and government accountable. They can begin the socio-political transformation of Nigeria by paying keen attention to the methods that politicians use in manipulating them. Also, by listening and mobilizing themselves to demand that the government should do the needful. Demand a complete audit of all the public security agencies (such as Police, Military, Naval, and Air force) in Nigeria. Demand that the government obeys and observes the rule of law. Request that the government restore and allow both public and private monitoring and evaluating departments to operate and function appropriately in Nigeria. Demand a new constitution free of a dual mandate and one that will unite Nigeria into a common dream/vision. 

Nigerians need to serve a notice of accountability and responsibility to leaders who have ruled Nigeria since independence to date. Nigerians should send politicians and public servants a clear message that they and their posterity will be held responsible for draining Nigeria’s treasury. Nigerians in Nigeria and Diaspora should insist that no Nigerian public servant or politician be given a visa to other countries for health or medical excursion. Once Nigerian leaders and their families can no longer obtain visas or are denied visas to other countries for health, they will get serious with developing and equipping the hospitals in Nigeria. Also, the children of politicians and public servants should not be allowed to study overseas while other people are out of school. Public servants and politicians are the ones that destroy the education system in Nigeria.

According to John Adams, the 2nd U.S. President, there are two ways to enslave any nation (the sword and increasing the national debt). Hence, the three ways to enslave any nation are 1. By the sword; 2. By increasing the national debt burden of that nation; and 3. By destroying the educational system. All these three ways have successfully been employed sadly by the current government of PMB, even though the past government has contributed a bit. Nigeria is about to be destroyed unless the people unite to resist and stop the madness that engulfs the nation. 

So many concerned Nigerian citizens (such as Late Dr. Obadiah Mailafia, Retired Nigerian Navy Commodore, Kunle Olawunmi; Retired General T. Y. Danjuma; General (Rtd.) Olusegun Obasanjo; and others) have all spoken of a grand designed to destabilize Nigeria through the Islamization and Fulanization plan. The plan succeeded in being executed under the supervision of the PMB and the APC government. While Nigerians are aware and witnessing the systematic execution of the grand design, the concern is what Nigerians in the current situation can do since the mastermind of the genocide and war are those who hold power to security, law, and order in Nigeria?

Nigerians in Nigeria and Diaspora must unite through all peaceful and legal/constitutionally justifiable means to protest, resist, and reject the current government of PMB. Nigerians should demand the government to address the security concerns with immediate effect. Nigerians must reject the present constitution of 1999 as a scam and recipe for conflict. Nigerians must demand and cry for freedom and the complete emancipation of Nigeria. Demand for a new constitution, true federalism, and eradicate the dual mandate nature of the Nigerian constitution that allows certain people to do things differently and get away with it because of their religious beliefs.

All religious leaders (Christians, Muslims, and traditional leaders) should unite and mobilize Nigerians to stop the genocide of innocent Nigerians. Nigerians should speak out against evil, wicked, and blood-thirsty leaders/politicians, who are hiding behind religion and ethnicity to rob and destroy the Nigerian people.

The time has come for all Nigerians (women, youths, students, teachers, police, soldiers and public servants) to refuse and reject the leadership of the current government that has aggravated the insecurity in Nigeria by gradually pushing the entire country into anarchy. Nigerians should expose the hypocrisy and selfishness of the current leadership and governments for not putting the welfare of the people of Nigeria ahead of their selfish interest.

In the face of the ongoing genocide across Nigeria, almost every region wants to secede Nigeria. However, secession from Nigeria by Nigerians who are marginalized is never the solution. Nigerians should unite and fight the Fulani hegemony and free Nigeria from the bondage of the few Fulani political elites. The time has come for Nigerians to be intentional about solving the security challenge and other sociopolitical concerns confronting the nation. Government and those in public offices should realize that they are answerable to the people of Nigeria. The people of Nigeria should know they put the government in power, and the government must account for them, or else they will remain second-class citizens and slaves to the government in their nation. 

Read the history of the Turkish genocide, and you will see similarities of how the Turkish government treated the Armenian Christians and Non-Muslims as 2nd Class (1885-1915) before the genocide in 1915. Precisely, this is what is happening in Nigeria today (https://www.al-monitor.com/originals/2015/04/turkey-was-the-ethnic-cleansing-of-armenians-islamic.htmlhttps://er.anca.org/what-were-the-main-causes-of-the-armenian-genocide/). 

Boko Haram terrorists, Fulani Herdsmen terrorists, Bandits, Kidnappers, the APC government, and their supporters (both in and outside Nigeria) are using the same script but different styles/roles of achieving their Islamization and Fulanization agenda.

Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, visited Nigeria on October 16, 2021, and claimed to warn PMB of the presence of the terrorists from his country in Nigeria. Turkey is one of the nations that breed, train, and equip Jihadists (Islamic terrorists) in the Middle East for global Islamization. Do you think Turkey’s President was in Nigeria to meet with the PMB for the good of Nigeria? History is about to repeat itself! Precisely, the way the Turkish genocide happens is the same pattern PMB and government are copying and systematically executing Nigeria’s Islamization.  

Therefore, the people of Nigeria (Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, and Middle Belt, and the Fulanis who do not support the few political/religious Fulanis elites, are bent on Islamization and Fulanization agenda) should unite and salvage Nigeria from destruction. If we do things correctly and treat ourselves with honesty, sincerity, and respect, Nigeria is a great and blessed nation. The era of nepotism, religious bigotry, and arrogance toward each other must end in Nigeria. 

he United Nations, African Union, and International Criminal Court are not interested in assisting Nigeria or any African country. They may only shed crocodiles’ tears after a genocide has occurred in any African country, including Nigeria. Remember the Rwandan genocide that happened in 1994. The United Nations waited until the Rwandans killed each other before their interrogation and investigation. The U.N. came after the Rwandan genocide, and African Union was nowhere. Nigerians must take RESPONSIBILITY to mobilize Nigerians in Nigeria and Diaspora and avoid repeating the Armenian and Rwanda genocide (1915 and 1994). Nigerians are at a loss of what to do to make their country a safe place with Jihadists’ elements in the Nigerian government. Nigerians are the ones who must take RESPONSIBILITY for their actions, attitudes, and behavior toward forging a glorious destiny for themselves and their future generation. 

The two major problems are religion and ethnicity (Islamization and Fulanization). For Nigerians to resolve these two major problems (Islamization and Fulanization), Nigerians must be ready for a new NIGERIA!

Through this brief analysis, I have pointed out some of the sociopolitical challenges confronting Nigeria, and I conclude by pointing out the two significant problems that must be addressed immediately before any meaningful socio-political activities can succeed in Nigeria. Suppose PMB and his APC government did not stop the Islamization and Fulanization plan. In that case, he (President Mohammadu Buhari) and the APC government are the architects of the genocide in Nigeria, which may lead to a terrible war. Every Nigerian is responsible for what will become of Nigeria.

As a tribute to the late Dr. Obadiah Mailafia and Nigerians that have fought for a better Nigeria, I invite every concerned Nigerian to join the fight for a new Nigeria. Let us do this for the poor, the children, the women, and the helpless older people whose lives are traumatized by the current state of insecurity in Nigeria. Please share this with your contacts in Nigeria and Diaspora to begin the conversation for a new and better Nigeria. Our team will get back to you on any inquiries.

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